Oil Change Service Near Ottawa, KS

Oil Change Service in Ottawa, KS

Oil Change Service at Victory Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Ottawa

One of your vehicle’s most crucial and expensive components is the engine. A timely oil change is one of the most vital things you can do to safeguard the health of your engine and increase its lifespan. It is a good idea to check your oil from home about once a week and get the oil filter changed every few months or every 3,000-6000 miles. If you are in or near the Kansas City or Ottawa areas and think your vehicle is in need of an oil change, come visit us today! Bring your vehicle in and let one of our service professionals at Victory CDJR of Ottawa get your engine’s oil changed today.

Save Money in the Long Run

Oil is relatively cheap and one of the easiest to maintain with regular service visits. Service techs do oil changes almost more than any other job and are usually very good at spotting any small problems that could lead to bigger problems. If you stay on top of the health of the oil in your engine, all the components will work more efficiently and drastically slow down the rate of wear and tear. If you neglect your engine’s oil, it can cause major damage to your engine that can lead to extremely expensive costs to get fixed. Given the affordable costs of oil and oil changes, it is always better to err on the side of getting it changed too often instead of not often enough.

Improve Mileage and Your Engine’s Lifespan

If your engine’s oil is old and overused, it can eventually lead to it turning into a type of sludge. This sludge is not near as effective as fresh, new oil and will make your engine work harder than necessary and will therefore burn up more fuel, greatly affecting your engine’s efficiency. When your engine is properly lubricated, it not only helps components work better together and raises your fuel efficiency, but it will literally increase the lifespan of your engine. This is why paying a little extra for regular oil changes actually saves you money in the long run.

Keeps Your Engine Clean

All combustion engines require air to operate properly. The only problem with this is air quality changes from place to place and it almost always will have some amount of particulates no matter how well filtered. These tiny particles can get into your engine over time, mix with the oil, and cause it to not function properly. Also, the friction between your engine’s moving parts also causes debris to get into the inner working of your engine eventually, and over time these particles can build up and cause major problems if not kept in check.

Helps Maintain the Value of Your Vehicle

Even if you don’t feel like selling your vehicle anytime soon, the day may come when you might want to sell or trade in your vehicle. The better maintained your engine is when it comes time to sell, the higher amount you will most likely get at the time of the sale. The more often you get your oil changed, the better the odds are that your engine will have less wear and tear. The less wear and tear on your engine, the more money you can sell it for.


Feel free to contact our service department if you think it’s time for an oil change and our service pros will get you fixed up in no time. You can also just drop in for a visit or schedule an appointment online by using our appointment scheduling page