Coolant System Service Near Ottawa, KS

Coolant System Service in Ottawa, KS

Coolant System Service at Victory Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Ottawa

Many parts and systems work together to start your engine and keep it running at peak performance. One of these essential systems is the cooling system. It maintains a safe temperature for your engine and prevents overheating. Since the engine is one of the most crucial parts of your vehicle, its maintenance is a top priority. Staying on top of your car’s cooling system service will help you protect your engine and avoid expensive problems down the road.

What Is the Cooling System?

As we touched on above, the purpose of the cooling system is to regulate your engine’s temperature. The engine creates a level of heat that can lead to extensive damage and destruction if it weren’t for your cooling system. Like many other systems in your vehicle, the cooling system utilizes fluid to function. This fluid is called coolant, often referred to as antifreeze; during cooling system service, a technician will likely perform a coolant flush. They’ll drain the old coolant, clean the system, and replace the coolant to the proper level. You could simply add more coolant if you’re running low, but cooling system service is more beneficial. Your technician will ensure there’s no leak and clean the system to remove sludge and other materials that can harm the system’s performance.

How Often Do You Need a Coolant Flush?

Now that we know the importance of routine cooling system service, you may be wondering how often your vehicle requires coolant flushes. There’s no universal answer, as different makes and models have their own maintenance schedules. It’s common for a vehicle to need a coolant flush every 30,000 miles, but other cars need them less often. Check your owner’s manual or ask a technician for cooling system advice for your specific vehicle.

Common Signs of a Problem with the Cooling System

If it’s been a while since your last coolant flush or a problem is causing issues with the cooling system, you may notice a few common signs of a cooling system issue. We recommend scheduling service if you notice these signs:

  • Your engine runs hot/overheats: We recommend checking your car’s temperature gauge to see if your engine is overheating. If this is the case, your check engine light may also appear.
  • There’s a coolant leak: If you know how to check your coolant, you can often spot a leak by looking at your coolant level. If it begins to run low, you notice a puddle of antifreeze under your vehicle, or you smell antifreeze, there’s likely a leak present.
  • The color of your coolant changes: Your coolant’s color should remain consistent. If it changes or appears muddy or cloudy, you’re probably dealing with debris contaminating your coolant.

Schedule Your Coolant Flush in Ottawa

Victory Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Ottawa is here to help drivers around Lawrence and Topeka with all their auto care needs. Our service department in Ottawa, KS, is where you can find cooling system service for your vehicle. We make it easy to keep your cooling system in check with reliable repairs, coolant flushes, and basic inspections. You can schedule cooling system service with us over the phone or by using our online service scheduler here on our website.


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