Tire rotation service in Ottawa, KS

Victory CDJR Ottawa- Tire Rotation

Your vehicle's tires provide a critical service by keeping your vehicle in contact with the road. Without constant smooth contact to the surface of the road, you have little or no control over when your vehicle is going. Your tires are an investment that should receive some careful consideration. And the team at Victory CDJR of Ottawa is here to help. We specialize in Mopar parts and offer the largest selection of manufacturer-recommended tires in the Richmond, Princeton, and Ottawa region. But the job does not end there. You must remain vigilant about tire service and tire rotation to get the most safety and life from your tires.

The Benefits of Tire Rotation

Even if your car is aligned correctly and you maintain the correct air pressure in all of your tires, they will wear unevenly. This means that the tread will wear out more quickly on one part of the tire than other parts. This uneven wear can result in loss of traction, tires out of balance, and a tire's premature failure.

Rotating tires is a standard practice used to balance the wear pattern on all tires by moving them to different positions on your vehicle. Your vehicle owner's manual should outline the recommended mileage for tire rotations. If you do not have the manual or cannot find a recommendation, the general rule followed by most industry professionals is every 5,000 to 7,000 miles.

By rotating the tires at the recommended intervals, you should have no issues reaching the tire manufacturer's estimated mileage life expectancy, as long as you provide proper tire and vehicle maintenance.

Other Necessary Tire Maintenance

Tire Pressure Check and Fill- The worst thing that you can do to your tires is drive with them under or over-inflated. Both of these issues will quickly cause unnecessary wear to your tires. And will result in replacement far sooner than the manufacturer mileage estimate. In addition, improperly inflated tires will decrease your gas mileage and even cause an accident.

Wheel Balancing- Wheels that are out of balance do not roll down the road smoothly. If you have noticed that your vehicle feels less smooth or bouncier, you likely have one or more wheels out of balance. It can be due to potholes on the road, bumpy road surfaces, or just a lost wheel weight.

Wheel Alignment- There are many annoying issues and even safety concerns that can be corrected with a professional wheel alignment. If you have noticed:

  • Your vehicle is pulling to one side
  • Your vehicle is vibrating or shaking even if the road surface is smooth
  • Your tires are wearing unevenly
  • Your tires are wearing out very quickly
  • Your tires screech when turning corners

If you notice any issues with the wear on your tires or your vehicle's handling, visit the pros at Victory CDJR of Ottawa, near Richmond. In many cases, a simple tire rotation or another tire service can correct the issue before it causes irreparable damage to your tires.