RAM Towing

RAM Towing Guide 

For drivers in Ottawa and Kansas City who want to tow like a pro, the 2021 RAM Heavy Duty once again delivers the highest towing capacity available. The gooseneck option has a top end of 37,100 pounds, while the conventional hitch can manage 23,000 pounds. These extraordinary capacities are offered thanks to the record-setting 1,075 foot-pounds of torque the big RAM diesel delivers. To see these massive trucks in action and take a test drive, visit Victory CDJR of Ottawa.

What Makes The RAM Ultra Durable And Capable

The Cummings diesel engine in the RAM Heavy Duty offers higher limits for boost from the variable turbocharger and increased fuel flow rates to provide the power needed to tow massive loads with ease. In addition, the RAM HD frame is beefed up with fully boxed rails and rear-axle structural cross member to allow the rest of the truck to endure this huge towing capacity. Added upgrades to the fifth wheel and gooseneck hitch include hardware that is fully integrated into the production box floor with fifth-wheel pucks, gooseneck bolt plates, and gooseneck center castings.

Great New Tech For Towing

The 2021 RAM HD is the first to offer a digital rearview mirror that displays real-time video from a rear-facing camera. With a switch of a button, drivers can restore the traditional mirror feature as needed. In addition, the Uconnect 4C NAV with a 12-inch touchscreen can be reconfigured to customize the functions and features that work best for each driver and use case of the RAM Heavy Duty. The larger screen also allows for a split display to accommodate features simultaneously.

The large new touchscreen is also the location of various helpful displays, including the cargo camera and backup camera. These cameras provide real-time views to eliminate the need to take your eyes off of what is in front of your truck to check your load. And when you are ready to hook up a gooseneck or fifth wheel, just push a button on the dash to adjust the air suspension to line up perfectly.

Added Safety When Towing

All RAM trucks offer exceptional safety features like Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Path Detection. But what makes these even more helpful is that they can account for a trailer you are towing. When towing, the Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Path Detection account for the added length of the trailer and monitor the added blind spots beside whatever you are pulling. Other safety features include Electronic Stability Control, Trailer Sway Control, and Electronic Roll Mitigation.

For added safety and precision backing your trailer, use the Trailer Reverse Steering Control knob to back your trailer effortlessly. The computerized system automatically steers your truck while you use the knob located under your driver display screen. This feature takes the stress out of backing up and parking a trailer even when driving solo.

To learn more about the amazing towing capability of the RAM series trucks, visit the truck experts t Victory CDJR of Ottawa.