2021 RAM TRX for sale in Ottawa

2021 RAM TRX

The 2021 RAM TRX is the cutting edge of all that half-ton pickup trucks have to offer. This truck is about functionality and more power from the purpose-built protective grille and front bumper to the bed liner and the rear bumper. No truck owner, who really uses a truck for more than a run to the mall, has ever said that their truck has too much power. More power makes a truck more functional and a bigger, badder tool to have at your disposal. And the 2021 RAM TRX is the biggest and badest truck on the market.

You buy a truck to haul, tow, and drive/crawl into some nasty, dirty, hard to reach places. And the list of sites that this truck can't go is almost non-existent. The supercharged 6.2L HEMI V8 engine is a raw beast that produces 702 HP and 650 pound-feet of torque. This power will literally break the 35-in Goodyear Wranglers loose on every launch if you have a heavy foot. Fortunately, the R & D team discovered this phenomenon and included a Launch Control button to regulate the engine RPMs and monitor the wheel slippage to get this big beast off the line as quickly as possible, and save wear on the massive tires.

All of the ferocious power that drivers have at their fingertips is thanks to the twin-screw supercharger with a maximum speed of 14,600 rpm and an unheard-of boost of 11 psi! A massive airbox feeds an impressive 32.9 liters of air per minute to create more power than any other truck on the market, making 0-60 in 4.5 seconds a very doable achievement.

And there is one more feature that real truck enthusiasts are going to love. The RAM TRX offers eight drive modes plus a sedate valet setting to make sure your new RAM goes right from the front door to a parking space while you are enjoying dinner, and not out on a joy ride. Some of the most exciting settings include:

  • SPORT MODE- Quicker shifting and improved stability for a fast spin on pavement
  • SNOW MODE- Management of horsepower for optimal launch in snow and ice
  • CUSTOM MODE- Make it everything you ever dreamed of with control of steering, torque split, suspension, and more
  • MUD/SAND MODE- Torque split and calibration distribute the power to avoid wheel slip and increase traction
  • ROCK MODE- An extra-low gear gives you the power you need without creating too much speed and additional control on the descent
  • BAJA MODE- Shift times are reduced by 68%, and the suspension is set to full damping for maximum fun in the dunes
When you duck into the command center, you will be equally impressed. Features like heads up display, aluminum paddle shifters, 12-inch touch screen, and a bright red launch button all add to the fun and function of this superhero of the truck world. It's a simple choice. When you want the best, the only option is the 2021 RAM TRX at Victory CDJR of Ottawa!
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